Monday, May 07, 2007

Regardless of outcome, we win.

Trust But Verify has excellent commentary on what to expect from the upcoming 5/14/07 arbitration hearing regarding Floyd Landis' doping case at Pepperdine. At this point, I feel that we've won a significant victory in the doping battle. Regardless of outcome, we're finally on a path to resolving important questions about sport. If the panel votes to uphold the alleged doping charge by being shown a preponderance of scientific, verifiable evidence we can all examine in an open and fair manner, we can know Floyd Did It(tm). (I personally feel this is an unlikely result.) If the panel votes to acquit because USADA doesn't uphold their burden of proof, we will know that shoddy work on the part of ADAs won't cut the mustard, and they need to be held accountable for their incompetence.

If we are shown evidence from either side that doesn't fairly equate to the determination made by the arbitrators, we will know just how corrupt the entire ADA system is. (I think this is likely, but I am holding out hope otherwise.)

Many people ask me how I can defend a guilty person. I don't defend guilty people - I put The State to their proof. I am far more afraid of the evil than can be done by governments and their "servants" than I am of the most evil individual. And that's saying something. The good guys with the badges I trust them with have to be the good guys *all* the time. Not most of the time, but all the time. The only tool we have to accomplish this is a system that prohibits the use of unjust means. Does that mean some "guilty" people slip through? Perhaps. But give me another tool - something other than one requiring exclusion of tainted evidence, and I'll sign on.

Thank you, Floyd, for the fair fight.

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