Tuesday, May 08, 2007

That substantial step issue.

Basso admits to only attempting doping.

Just when we thought it couldn't get wierder, we are now faced with the possibility that we'll need to decide what the inchoate rule violation of "attempted doping" is.

So if you stock up a supply of blood, with the intent of transfusing it later, have you committed a doping offense? Suppose "Birillo" decided at the last minute, just before a pivitol stage, to not use the blood supply after all? He fully inteded to, but at the last minute, had a change of heart. (!) Or perhaps, just before the pivitol stage, was wearing yellow, feeling great, and didn't think help was needed?

Doping offense?

Lying? Yep. Sinister and creepy? Sure. Dispicable? You betcha. But IF this is the truth (and isn't the truth what people are after?) maybe this isn't a doping offense. (Someone correct me if the rules say draining your blood is a doping offense.) A crime, maybe.

Imagine a case where a pro athlete thinks his trainer is giving them a regimen of harmless homeopathic substances, when in fact the trainer is supplying dope. This is a clear rules violation, and the athlete is a doper. But imagine a pro athlete seeking out dope, only to find that a trainer screws up and gives harmless, legal substances? Or perhaps, in playing a "mind over matter" game, the trainer falsely tells an athlete they're "getting the juice" and lo and behold, go out an achieve great things because they think they can. Doper?

It is well known that Lance Armstrong used EPO. He freely admits it. He used it to save his life. He also eloquently points out having cancer changed his life and his body. Many experts agree much of Armstrongs success in cycling was due to the enormous change in body composition due to his cancer treatment.

Is surviving cancer doping? And wait for it...will we see people look to curable cancers as a form of doping? A poll of pro athletes showed many would trade years of their lives to win championships. Would they risk a 5% chance of death to transform their bodies to be more competitive?

I am not entertained.

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