Monday, August 13, 2007

Random Update

1. I watched the tour, and it reinforced my massive love-hate relationship with pro cycling. I love this beautiful sport, but hate how it makes me feel when I see cheating. And there's lots of cheating - not just by athletes. I missed the last few stages on Versus - I was on a bike vacation (see below.) I like how I feel on a bike, and seeing pros move so effortlessly on theirs inspires me. France looks so beautiful, and conquering any one of those mountains seems like a lifetime achievement. *sigh*

2. I went on a bike vacation with Bicycle Adventures. Pictures of their Glacier - Banff - Jasper tour (and some GPS data too) coming soon. It was *fantastic*. What a great company!

3. "...Dr. Christiane Ayotte from the Montreal WADA lab [is quoted] as saying the labs need to be creative as the rich athletes and their lawyers are." Ya know, I don't have much problem with that. This is how our adversarial justice system functions to find The Truth. I am all for creative scientific investigations, properly equipped labs and training of lab personnel. Anti-doping labs need to be *accurate* and this takes funding. Indeed: Trust, But Verify, and that goes for the labs too. And just as an aside, I don't think *all* athletes and *all* lawyers are as wealthy as Dr. Ayotte might think. (I'm both, and sure don't feel wealthy.) Maybe we should tax pro athletes or pro organizers to pay for these labs? :-)

More later.

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