Saturday, October 13, 2007

Those pesky unintended consequences

ASO will be giving Oscar Periero a yellow jersey next week - anyone know if they will also be giving him the GC winners prize money? Will he be distributing it to his teammates? And will UCI be updating the points lists for 2006 because of the change?

And while we're on the topic, isn't there prize money awarded for stage wins in Le Tour? What happens to the prize money form Floyd's S17 win? IIRC, Floyd also won the final time trial. Prize money for that? And wasn't there some issue with exo-T in B samples from that?

Even more questions: aren't we supposed to test the GC leader after every stage? So by awarding the yellow jersey to Periero, doesn't he "win" without the associated testing? If Floyd should have been DQed after stage 17, why wasn't Oscar tested after stage 18? Where's Oscar's subsequent B samples to be tested?

Maybe we need to start thinking about testing everyone, with procedures that are reliable. Expensive? Yeah. My heart bleeds for the ASO and their lost profits. They sure didn't care about what they did to Floyd with their sloppy shenanigans.

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