Monday, December 24, 2007

They got to JFK; they can get to your cable box too.

Just in case you're getting a little bored with watching the foolishness in pro cycling involving ASO, UCI, WADA, and USADA chasing their own tails ("What can we do to make sure Iban Mayo gets screwed?" Or "We don't care what anyone says, Floyd didn't win. So there. Neener neener neener...") there's a much better conspiracy to watch unfold. Say what you like - sure refs are human, and yes, when refs screw up, that's part of sport. But pro sports is a multi-billion dollar enterprise at the NFL level. Ya gotta wonder just how much money might change hands for coach Belichick to be persuaded to play all the starters on 12/29 against the Giants. After all, the ratings for the NFL channel would go up - its a win-win. The NFL calls Coach and says "start Brady. Start last week's roster, and we'll make it worth your while." And this isn't like someone cheating. After all, the NFL gets to make the rules, just like the ASO. The NFL can decide just what rules they think are appropriate for their game. Right?

Looks like I'll have to get the domain

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