Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who's a dope?

VeloNews' 2008 Tour de France guide is out (printed under license from ASO and the French Tabloid L'Equipe.) Lots of cool stuff in it, but here's something worth noting: On page 223, the fastest time trials greater than 20km are listed. Greg LeMond has the fastest ahead of Armstrong and Miller. The latter is a confessed doper, and LeMond accuses Armstrong of the same nefarious activity. But Greg, faster than both, is clean as a whistle. Right.

Page 221 lists Riis as the winner of the 1996 TdF, but the 2006 winner is listed as Oscar Pereiro, not Floyd Landis. There is a footnote on the photo on page 226 about Riis. So why isn't Ullrich (the second place finisher in 1996) awarded a second win? Hmmm? Could it be the ASO has decided that...nah...that wouldn't be fair. Wait...what?

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