Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Revolution Will Be Televised

I've been waiting 8 years for my ballot, and it is now in the mail to the elections office.

I cast a complete ballot for the entire Democratic Party. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a single bubble to mark to make this the case, but filling in each of the individual boxes was something like tantric voting. It made the pleasure last.

It is time for the republicans to go. I voted straight Democrat if for no other reason than the republicans are to blame for everything that is wrong with the country to date. They've destroyed the national and global economy, supported an ill-considered and unjust war, and stripped us of our civil rights. Each and every candidate that identifies with that party must be opposed. That includes a certain Dino Rossi, who is labeled on the ballot as preferring the "GOP Party"; literally the Grand Old Party Party. Well done. I understand Dino might not wish to be associated the damaged brand that is the republicans, but he looks more and more like the illiterate GW Bush with that choice. Remember when Momma Bar was First Lady? Her "cause" was child literacy - she'd go to schools and read to kids. Makes sense, in a tragic kind of way: she had a learning disabled child at home. Duhbya certainly gave credence to the phrase, "anyone can grow up to be president." Indeed, anyone did. I only regret I can't also vote for Darcy Burner, who has a real chance of taking the WA-08 district this time around.

For the record, I find it appalling that John McCain would select Sarah Palin to be any part of his administration, much less the VP. She is hardly qualified to run her own household, much less a town, or even the smallish population of the State of Alaska. If this is the idea of breaking the glass ceiling, women everywhere need to be worried. And John's choice here is the least presidential thing I've ever seen a candidate do. Like Duhbya before her, she simply *isn't qualified*.

As for the all the initiated laws up for vote on the ballot, I am also pleased to have opposed each. Laws need to be made by professionals, not by amateurs around the kitchen table. Reasoned debate makes good law, not a wad of cash and petition signature gatherers. The only petition I will sign my name to is one that removes the initiative power from the WA Constitution.

The time is long since past for the republican party to go. Please go, please don't come back. And to my newly elected Democratic representatives and executives, remember - it is your job to oppose these cretins. Drop the foolish talk of "bipartisan cooperation." I want none of it, and it isn't the reason I voted for you. I expect you to do everything in your power to oppose each and everything the republicans stand for, and ever stood for. The blood is on their hands, and time for them to be made responsible.

Yeah, isn't "personal responsibility" one of those goofy republican catchphrases? Had it right on the tip of my tongue while I was marking that ballot against those republican bastards. Felt good.

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