Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forgiveness my ass

There was a recent call for forgiveness. It is a little unclear, but there's an implication that we should forgive Floyd. While I reign in my temper a bit at someone suggesting Floyd be forgiven for being on the short end of one of the biggest hosings in modern history, I will first point out that I am grateful and indeed excited about seeing Floyd back as a professional racer on the OUCH Pro Cycling Team. I am grateful for Thierry Attias, president of the team, for bringing us the return of the Bionic Man.

That said, here's a clip of my sentiments around this holiday time with the suggestion that we forgive the whole lot of LNDD, WADA, UCI, USAC, ASO, and a special call out for the goons at USADA that showed us a new level of Keystone Kops starting in July 2006. Chevy Chase plays eightzero, but the dialog has a small error: substitute Richard Young for "Frank Shirley, my boss."

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