Monday, February 09, 2009

Sears was Warned

Some time ago, I needed to replace my electric kitchen stove with a natural gas one. We had convereted the house to gas, and the stove needed replacing. As was the custom in my family, we visited Sears. Practically every applicance my family has purchased for 50 years has come from Sears Roebuck and Co. We selected a stove, and I explained to the sales person the need to schedule an install, replacing the electic stove and hauling the old one away. I impressed upon them the need to connect the new stove to the gas line, and that this was a new installation. The electical outlet for sure was 220v and this new one was 110v. Did they provide the needed hardware? "Yes. We do this all the time. See the paperwork I am filling out. This is a deluxe install, complete with set up."

Natually, the day of install comes. The delivery dudes show up, and first step is tossing the old stove into their truck for disposal. Then comes the install, or so I thought. No, we don't plug it in. No, we don't hook up the gas line. We didn't bring a flex hose. I get blank staes from the "installers." Well, if they hadn't just trashed my old stove, I would have undone the whole deal, called the credit card company, and that'd be that. I ask the installer for the credit due since they weren't installing. He says, "we don't do that. Want to talk to my boss?" "Sure, get him on the phone."

Installer dude gives me his cell phone. The "supervisor" points out this is not included in an deluxe install. "Well, OK. You're refusing the service I paid for, right?" "You didn't pay for that kind of installation." "Really. What did I pay for?" "Setting it up in the house." It then became clear I was duped, and this was going nowhere. I was going to be stuck doing the install myself, and they darn well knew the hassle of getting my $75 back wasn't going to be worth it.

But the next part was: "OK, I get it. Here's the deal. You're screwing me, and I can see now there is little I can do about it. But, if you don't so something to make this right, and I mean right now, this is the last sale you'll ever make to me. I have many Sears appliances here. I do buy them now and then, and your'e always the first stop. This will end unless you make this right. Want to reconsider?"

"I'm sorry, sir...blah blah blah." IOW: "No."

So, I warned them. I'll never buy another Sears appliance again. I recommend to others that they also not do so. They screwed me over, it is possible that they will do this to you too.

When I get good service I tell others (Discount Tire treated me very well.) I hope Sears gets all they deserve in these new economic times.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Global Warming

Deroy Murdock's recent editorial Even Left Now Laughing at 'Global Warming' while perhaps entertaining, demonstrates his lack of understanding of climate change. The term "Global Warming" describes the planetary changes inflicted upon the Earth by Humans. It does not mean all areas of the globe will see increased temperatures. Indeed, many areas will see reduced temperatures. This is a direct effect of changes in the patterns of weather and currents in the oceans and atmosphere. These changes are due to the increase in greenhouse gasses, primarily CO2, most markedly from human industrial activity. There is no serious debate as to whether global climate change is real, and that it is caused and attributable to humans activity. These issues are scientifically settled. What is not settled is popular media (Murdock) debating these issues in the absence of understanding the underlying scientific facts. Murdock's systematic obfuscation of settled fact in the media serves only to delay serious action in solving the coming Global Warming crisis; a crisis that is sure to have serious consequences for humanity and other species here on Earth.