Monday, May 18, 2009

Still another stoooopid CNN QP

From today's poll (5/18/09):

Would you be willing to be subjected to "whole-body imaging," which critics say performs "a virtual strip search"?
- Yes
- No

Well, gee, does anyone really want to be subject to a search at all? Doubt it. But if it will make the line move faster, or make the flights more secure, why not? Who the hell wants naked pictures of me? But yeah, I suppose there are some that would object to not being paid to be seen naked. And we know what those people are called. Don't want to be seen naked? Don't fly, wait in a longer line, or be subject to a real hands-on search. Your call.

But hey, I suppose these things won't be used on minors. Right? So no way terrorists would figure that out.

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