Friday, August 28, 2009

Steps in the journey, part two

Everything moving along on the new bike. Zac sent the measurements and order kit off to Seven on Tuesday, and I had an email from them that afternoon. Neil Doshi set up a phone call with me for Thursday afternoon. We talked for about 15-20 minutes. Many of the questions are pretty straight-forward general things: "What kind of riding do you do?" "Any club rides?" "How long are most rides?" I probably babbled a lot of information trying my best to paint an accurate picture of what I want to buy. Other questions are obvious in hindsight: "Would you be comfortable with Seven's recommendations on geometry? Seat height? Is a head tube extension OK?" IOW, the factory needs to know how free they are to make the bike specs within the Seven methodology. I have no doubt they would build in any constraints I might specify - a non-sloping top tube, for example - but I think that would be something of a trade off. I'm not a bike builder, and part of what I think I'm paying for is the expertise of the designers. Why limit them? I did confess the aesthetics of the bike are important to me, but in a secondary fashion. I have every expectation the head tube is gonna be big. I'm 6'4" so there's no way to get around this. But I do like the look of the Alaris - it is something of the Glasfluegel Libelle of bikes.

The next step is for the design to go back to Zac. We'll size it up in the studio, a sign off on the final order. Neil said about 3 weeks of manufacture from there. The final bike will then take a little time to assemble. but still plenty of good weather left this year.

Pretty exciting stuff. "“Clean. Smooth. Sexy. Exotic. Personalized.”

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