Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dude, where's my frame?

After the phone interview on Wednesday with Neil at the Seven factory, Zac had the specification for my Dream Bike from the Seven factory within a week. We made an appointment for the following Monday to go over the final specs, and to set them up on my current bike.

There were actually very few positional changes. The bars needed to come up, the saddle down and forward, all less than a centimeter or two. Zac made the changes, and we put Old Faithful up on the trainer. I could tell the difference, but it wasn't uncomfortable. I had a bike fit done a few years ago, and since then had changed from standard road pedals to Speedplay Zeros (and will put Zeros on the new bike as well.) We rotated the hoods out a bit as Zac examined my pedal motion and position.

The new bike will have a 22cm headtube and will be a 1 cm taller sized frame. Seven and Trek measure their frames differently, so while Seven says I need a 60.1cm frame (!) that would be about 64cm Trek frame. It will be a big bike.

We went over every detail of the bike, including the drivetrain. I opted for a 180mm Rival compact crank connected to an 11x28 cassette. That should get me up about any hill! And not being a racer, I have no need for a 53x11. Zac even had a line drawing of the final frame. The top tube will have a 3 degrees slope. I think it will hardly be noticeable unless you look for it. The bike should have plenty of standover clearance, and will retain a classic look with a certain amount of "rake."

I signed on the bottom line.

Zac called me the next day to let me know he found out from Seven that they are renaming the Alaris for the next model year, and wanted to know if I wanted that new name (I think the new ones will be an "Axiom S"). I opted to keep the original decals and name. I'll have one of the last "Alaris" models. A classic.

Zac also sent me the final price sheet. It was exactly as expected. The price from the Seven web page, plus an upchange for fork paint and 2 King titanium bottle cages. There will be a small addition for the shipping, a matter we discussed in detail. No unexpected surprises from Zac or Seven.

I was cc:ed on the email from Zac to Neil at Seven confirming the order. Since I hadn't (and as of this writing still haven't) seen the status change on Seven webpage after I login to track my frame, I dropped Neil a note to be ask if the 10/2 delivery date was still good. He responded within the hour by email to say it was. Meaning I have a very short production time. I think maybe business is down, but I'm glad I got my order in at this year's prices. Neil reiterated what Zac had told me on the shipping time and build by CBS. All my component parts are available.

The journey continues.

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