Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crystal Violet

Greyhound Nation lost one of its own on 4/19/10, as Violet is now at the bridge. She had an untreatable liver abnormality, and became too weak for treatment. The folks at Bothell Pet Hospital were very supportive, and gave her the best of care. Drs. Cleveland and Kovar were there for us and we can't thank them enough. In the end, there was simply nothing that could be done for her, and she was very, very sick.

Violet came to GPI later in life as a brood mom. She was a companion to Hulley Gulley Snow when he became single after Indigo lost her fight as a "tripod." Violet was a really, really greaYt hound! She had the patience you would expect from a mom of many pups. Never a complainer, and always so sweet, she'd never let you stop petting her. She had leaned to simply block the path to say "no, you're not done with the petting. Please continue. Ears are most important, please." She'd know you were planning to try to step around her, and just knew how to take a 4 paw shuffle to make sure she was directly in that path. "Please continue." Her favorite pillow was Bronson's rear haunch. She'd lay down on him - they were quite the couple. Both he and Danielle will miss her, as will we.