Sunday, May 09, 2010

Why I don't shop at Sears

It's simple: I bought a gas stove from them, opting for the "deluxe install." Paid extra for that service. When they showed up, the installer dude (after depositing my old stove in the truck in a condition unsuitable for return) said "we don't hook them up. We don't even have the flex hose." I pointed to the receipt for "deluxe install" pointing at "set up and operation." He refused. Got his boss on the cell phone. Boss said "we don't do that."

I pointed out I was getting screwed, and this was their last chance to make it right. "My family has bought Sears appliances for decades. This will be the last one. Install or refund?" "Nope."

I will never shop at Sears ever, ever again. I recommend others avoid the place too. I really enjoy tossing their ads out of the sunday paper.  Sears sucks. Hope they crash and burn.